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Transportation is a pressing matter throughout District 22. As our region continues to grow at a rapid pace, our infrastructure has become antiquated. The result is wasted time, higher fuel costs, and increasingly frustrated residents without options. I'm committed to improving our transportation system, and I and will advocate for data-driven decisions and equitable funding allocation for our projects at the state level.

I will work to make sure our area receives the support it deserves determined by growth and data, not horse trading. As we continue to welcome new residents from around Utah and beyond state borders, we must find solutions that will give us efficient and accessible transportation.




Utah is growing fast, but District 22 is growing even faster. Housing assistance programs have been a tremendous help for young people who are eager to own a home in the area, but we must do more. 

The last thing we want is a situation where our children are forced to leave the area because they can’t afford to live here. We must work together to find promising and sustainable solutions that will allow young adults in our community to live, work, and raise families right here in our district. 




We have one of the youngest districts in Utah, which means education is top of mind for most of our residents. My four children may be grown, but I remember exactly what it’s like to worry about whether your kids are receiving an education that fits their unique needs.

I will be a tireless advocate for school choice, and I will take every opportunity to ensure our students receive the critical resources they need. 




Utah is consistently named the most economically prosperous state in America, but that didn’t happen overnight—and it certainly wasn’t an accident. I applaud the lawmakers who have prioritized low taxes and created a business-friendly climate.

As people continue to migrate to escape the burdensome policies of Democrat-run states, we must hold on to what makes us prosperous. I promise to prioritize policies that will help Utahns keep more of their hard-earned money.




The government should never engage in the selection of winners and losers, but that’s exactly what happens when crony capitalism infiltrates our government. 

This type of favoritism poses a significant threat to our economic growth, and perhaps more importantly, it erodes the trust between elected representatives and the people they serve. Upholding moral integrity is a paramount principle for me, and I promise to call out any preferential treatment I see in our policymaking. 


In addition to building coalitions and leading conservative education campaigns, she has worked to advance significant legislative reform, including school choice and income tax reduction.

Heidi is no stranger to politics. With her previous experience as the Community Engagement Director for Americans for Prosperity, her career has always revolved around recruiting and uniting concerned citizens who want to advance policies that will help people improve their lives. In addition to building coalitions and leading conservative education campaigns, she has worked to advance significant legislative reform, including school choice and income tax reduction.

Before joining Americans for Prosperity, Heidi was a business evaluator for the Graduate Business Ethics Team at Western Governors University. She is also a former private and public school educator with experience teaching Spanish and Japanese in grades 4 through 12.  Heidi met her husband, John, when he was her Japanese "sensei" at the Missionary Training Center. The two reconnected after her mission, and 28 years later, they have four children and a wonderful life in Saratoga Springs. Embracing the joy of service is a family theme, and Heidi has served alongside each of her children on humanitarian service trips to Peru, Belize, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica.


"Heidi made it a point to meet with our city officials soon after she was elected. I was impressed with her proactive communication with us during the legislative session as well. I can see she has our cities in mind as she thoughtfully considers how legislation will impact our area. I trust her votes and wholeheartedly support her re-election to the Senate. We need more legislators like Senator Heidi Balderree."

Troy Walker

Draper City Mayor


“I proudly endorse Heidi Balderree for re-election in Utah Senate District 22. Her unwavering dedication to upholding the constitution, coupled with a robust conservative voting record, speaks volumes. Heidi's significant contributions to her community and the Republican Party exemplify her ongoing commitment to serving her constituents with excellence. Keep up the good work, Heidi!”

Burgess Owens



"Heidi champions and upholds conservative principles. She is convincing, committed, and collaborative - qualities that have served her well in the state senate. Please be sure to re-elect Heidi as the Senate District 22 Senator!"

"Heidi has represented and served the people of Senate District 22 and all Utahns with integrity and excellence."

Jonathan Johnson

Utah business leader and 2016 gubernatorial candidate


“As the county sheriff I have observed Heidi’s contributions to the county closely over the years. She has been great to work with in the legislature and champions conservative policy. Heidi has my full support for her continued service in the legislature.”

Mike Smith

Utah County Sheriff


"I’ve known Heidi for over two decades."

Heidi is a strategic thinker and knows how to get ahead of an idea or an issue. She has been an incredibly hard worker and an asset to the legislature! She has served our community in different capacities and has been engaged for a very long time. She’s been a very trusted public servant and our area needs Senator Balderree!"

Jefferson Moss

Utah House Representative


"It’s important to vote for our values, so please be sure to vote to re-elect Senator Heidi Balderree for Senate District 22. Heidi is a strong conservative and has proven she is the right one for this job!"

Mike Kennedy

Utah Senator


"Heidi is a great State Senator because she represents two main values I look for when I vote for my representatives, she truly cares for people and is dedicated to her conservative values."

Jared Cahoon

Former Vice Chair Salt Lake County Republican Party


As a conservative, female business owner, I am proud to endorse Heidi Balderree. She is a personable and well liked conservative leader who has strong convictions and isn't afraid to fight for them.

"Heidi Balderree was a part of Americans for Prosperity and understands the work that the grassroots organizations put in and it makes her extremely familiar with the issues that our great state is facing. She has been able to make connections and forge great working relationships with both state and federal leaders such as Senator Lee and other congressmen/women, which will be extremely beneficial to helping the conservative cause.

She is actively involved with outreach for the Republican Party and reaching out to the minority population and working with them. She is also fluent in Spanish and Japanese, which can be beneficial in her work.

The conservative movement needs more women, like Heidi, in elected positions. This race has another woman running, and I am not for electing someone just because of gender, but I truly believe that Heidi is the best, conservative candidate for the job."

Jamie Renda

Path Forward Utah and The Trump-Tater


“Heidi is a true public servant and I have watched her advocate on the local, state and federal level. She is best prepared to represent the cities in North Utah County and Draper as well. The state could really use someone of her caliber and she has my full support.”

Jim Miller

Saratoga Springs Mayor


“Heidi Balderree is a long time friend. She is hard working, honest and well educated on issues. Heidi will stand up for the rights of all individuals, including the unborn.”

Tawnee McCay

Riverton City Council


"Heidi has worked hard to make Utah a better place for years by helping to drive bills that improve our economy and education system.

In a world where harsh words are all too common, Heidi is able to advocate for important issues and move the ball forward without fostering contention. Her persistence and determination remind me of a quote from Calvin Coolidge: 'Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb … Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.' Heidi has what it takes to serve her constituents well!"

Rod Mann

Utah County Auditor, Former Highland mayor, and City Council member


"Please join me in keeping Senator Heidi Balderree working for us in the Utah Senate.”

Troy Cunningham

Former Saratoga Springs Planning Commission Chair







@ 11577 S 3600 W South Jordan, UT

Utah GOP Meet The Candidates Greet/ Delegate Training

Tuesday, April 23rd
6:00pm - TBD

SD 22
Candidate Debate

Tuesday, April 9th
6:30pm - 9:30pm

@175 Crest Ridge Rd, Lehi, UT 84043

Upcoming Events

Pizza And Politics

Utah County
Lincoln Day Dinner

Saturday, March 30th 7pm-9pm
@ 800 W University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84058
@ 2149 W 1235 S, Lehi, UT 84043
Friday, March 15th
7pm - 9pm
@ 7604 N Evans Ranch Dr, Eagle Mountain, UT 84005
Wednesday, March 20th
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Meet the Candidates
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@ 180 N 500 E, Lehi, UT
Saturday, March 23rd
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UCRP Meet the

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Legislative Review at UVU

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Saturday, March 16th
6pm - 9pm

Cottage Meeting
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Tuesday, March 26th
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Library Meet and Greet

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Saturday, March 23rd
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Utah County Women "Vision of America"

@ 3162 S Deer Meadow Dr, Saratoga Springs
Thursday, April 11th
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Cottage Meeting

Liberty Forum

Wednesday, March 13th
10am - 12pm
@ 550 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84601





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